BL vs BLB Lamps
The claims for BLB lamps have changed over time, shifting between BLB lamps are better at catching flies, to BLB lamps are better for night-flying insects (and not for flies), to the current position which is that BLB lamps are better for catching Lepidoptera (moths).The FDA Interpretation says different.

The BLB lamp is basically the same as the BL lamp except for the filtering elements in the glass tube. The tube filters out light (energy) that is visible to humans. My experience leads me to believe retaining this light (using BL, not BLB) increases insect response. Tests with houseflies tell me exactly that.

We don't recommend them. We don't believe there is any reason to use a BLB lamp except perhaps for decorative purposes. BLB lamps cost more and give you less fly attraction.

40W BL Lamp

40W BLB Lamp

20W BL Lamp

20W BLB Lamp

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