Dot Matrix
® LED Exits
[battery backup unit] Basic Battery Backup
Dot Matrix Gilbert® LED EXIT

BB® Sealed Lead-Acid Backup Battery
Constant Voltage / Tapered Current
Gilbert® Battery Charger

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AC Only
Dot Matrix Gilbert® LED EXIT

(No Battery)
For Use With Central Auxilliary Systems

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Super Self-Diagnostic
Dot Matrix Gilbert® LED EXIT

Beeps To Alert Low Battery

Smoke Detection Connection

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Master-Remote DuoT
Dot Matrix Gilbert® LED EXIT

Install the Master EXIT over the door and the Remote EXIT
anywhere within 200 feet.

$ave batteries, maintenance, and money.
Recess Mount Option

For Dot-Matrix LED EXITs™


dot Gilbert® Dot-Matrix LED ExitsTM
(i.e. "Direct-View" Type)
The Reliability Revolution
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