General Discussion of UV Safety and Trap Placement

Experts in UV safety consider Gilbert® ILTs safe: "Proper placement of ILTs correspond to spaces where people are not continuously exposed, since the strategy is to attract insects away from food (or other products) and the individuals producing them. ILTs are also most effective positioned in fly pathways—also away from people—to trap insects before they reach the most critical areas in the facility.." "The potential optical hazards are virtually non-existent."

As a consevrative precautionary measure, we believe it would be prudent not to position any insect light trap so that employees are required to work continuously in close eye level proximity, i.e. over a sink washing dishes or at a table where an employee would be stationed within one meter for 8 continuous hours or for 4 continuous hours with our large (double 40w lamp) traps.

We are proud to say the above general discussion
of UV Safety represents the research, findings, and opinions of Gilbert®.

They do not represent the opinions or findings of UL and its Listing of the product.

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