[battery backup unit]
The Basic Battery Backup
Dot Matrix Gilbert

Highly Reliable Light Emitting Diode Light Source for Increased Public Safety

Energy & Maintenance Savings!!!
Less than 5 watts (single-faced)
Less than 8 watts (double-faced)

Excellent Return On Inve$tment. Utility Rebates Available In Many Areas

UL Listed / UL Visibility Tested to NFPA Standards and to Higher EPA Visibility Guidelines

Emergency Flashing is Field Selectable

Marine-Grade Vinyl-Clad Aluminum (Polished or Antique Brass Finish Optional)
Aluminum-Reinforced Polycarbonate Face-Sheild

Dual 120/277v Transformer

Gilbert® Battery Charger
Constant Voltage / Tapered Current
Features potentiometer for accurate compensation of naturally varying zener values.

BB® Sealed Lead-Acid Battery

Operating Time
12 Hrs. (Single-faced) / 8 Hrs. (Double-faced) in Flash Mode
6 Hrs. (Single-faced) / 4 Hrs. (Double-faced) in Non-flash Mode

Recharge Time - 24 Hours

5 Year Warranty

Optional Features Available (See Below)

Architectural Specifications

Exit Signs shall:

(1) be single or double-faced,
(2) have red or green letters,
(3) have white or black housing, and
(4) have white, black, or brushed aluminum stenciled faceplate.

Optional Specifications:

Housing: 12-1/16" x 7-9/16" x 3-1/8" (306mm x 192mm x79mm)
Mounting Canopy (Included with All Gilbert® EXITs):
6-1/8" x 4-3/8" x 9/16" (156mm x 111mm x 14mm)

Weight = 4.5 lbs. (2.04 kilograms)
Shipping Weight = 6 lbs. (2.72 kilograms)

How the Gilbert® Super Self-Diagnostic
Dot Matrix LED EXIT™ Works

Beeps To Alert Low Battery

The Low Battery Beeper is similar to those in home smoke detectors in that it is designed to demand attention when the battery is low. Each hour, our circuit compares battery voltage to a precision voltage reference. If low, a yellow "Replace Battery" indicator lights and the beeper sounds once each hour (for approximately 30 seconds).

LEDs Brighten and Flash
w/ Smoke Detection Connection

The Gilbert® Self-Diagnostic will also connect to any smoke detector which has a set of normally-open relay contacts. Then, when the smoke detector goes into alarm mode, the LED EXITTM will flash (significantly brighter) and beep for as long as the alarm mode lasts.


dot Gilbert® Dot-Matrix LED ExitsTM
(i.e. "Direct-View" Type)
The Reliability Revolution
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