Gilbert® 2004GT "Leonardo Da Trapi"
Introduced at Art Expo International and PestWorld
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Featuring The Mona Lisa Masterpiece

The Gilbert® 2004GT Leonardo Da Trapi™ is the world's first, serious ILT art. Stick with Leo's Mona Lisa Masterpiece
or slip-in a masterpiece (or ad) of your own (See for options).
Premium custom-punched frames are available.

Leonardo Da Trapi™ features two Gilbert® F20T12BL350 20 watt insect attractant lamps. Lamp replacement info.

Artfully punched frontdoor swings up for easy access to primary glueboard and masterpiece tray for service. A second (optional) glueboard will fit behind masterpiece. Front punched by special process which appoximates the handcrafting of artisans (small hammermarks insure no two Leonardos are the same). Change glueboard(s) regularly, at least as often as local codes require.

Beautiful Antique Brass & Aluminized Steel Construction

One Year Warranty (excluding lamps, boards, & masterpiece/holder)

CHOOSE! (1) the standard six foot 3-wire power cord or (2) the highly recommended hard-wire version! Yes, we highly recommend the optional hard-wire version for the aesthetic, cordless look. Universal knockouts and keyhole mounting slots provided. Mount unit horizontally.
Dimensions: 29 1/2" x 15 9/16" x 2 7/8"
Weight: 15 lbs., Ship Wt: 18 lbs
  Leo Will Hold Two Large Glueboards.
(No Glueboard Bending Required)

See Masterpiec updates at:

U.S. Patent #5,950,355

Made in the USA of US and imported parts.
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