Understanding & Solving the
Flying Insect Problem

Because there are so many different species and their behavior subject to so many different influences; flying insect control is not a simple problem. Just hanging a few Insect Light Traps (ILTs) up at random will not automatically solve it.

  Gilbert® Professional Insect Light Traps are the finest ILTs made. They catch an amazing number of flying insects from a wide range of species, and provide a much needed, non-chemical addition to pest management. Their use in such sensitive locations as food plants, pharmaceutical laboratories, and hospitals is essential. However, they must be used properly to be effective.

First, all conditions contributing to a problem must be identified and corrected.

These can include the type and position of lighting, location and treatment of dumpsters, sanitation and chemical procedures, physical barriers to insects, the ecology of the surrounding area and more.

Once the insect population has been reduced by corrective measures, the proper equipment can be positioned to deal with the insects that remain.

Placing that first ILT in a facility almost always turns up more insects than were imagined to be there.

Being portable, a Gilbert® Guerrilla™ or Sticky Tiger™ make great initial survey tools. They can be placed with (or without) extension cord, in a crucial area to see what shows up. It can be quite an eye-opener.

Care must be taken to select and install ILTs correctly. Cutting corners and good flying insect control do not co-exist.

With this website, we have endeavored to make choosing and using Gilbert® Insect Light Traps easier and more effective than ever.

You will find the most up-to-date info here. However, if you should have a question, please, do not hesitate to call 1 (800) 643-0400 or email us.

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