Square Foot Coverage
Keeping it real...

Since 1967, our general rule of thumb has been to space large traps every 40 feet around the inside perimeter wall of a food plant or pharmaceutical laboratory. If you multiply 40 x 40, you get 1600 square feet. So, a quick answer is 1600 square feet.

However, this ballpark guesstimate, like all coverage claims, are at best a helpful starting point, a typical example of how many traps may be needed, but there is no science (no published research) to back any such claims. At worst, they are misleading marketing claims. They certainly shouldn't be used to compare one brand trap to another.

The distance at which an insect responds is determined by lamp type and trap design, of course, but also by the vision and nature of the target pest. Response varies by species, not just trap design.

In addition, the number of traps required will vary with the type and condition of the facility, the extent of the problem, and management's level of concern. A facility next to a cow pasture, or an unkempt dumpster, or an older facility not interested in sealing cracks, or one plagued with badly designed dock lighting will need more traps per square foot. A 1600 sq. ft. room may need no traps or four traps or more depending on the circumstances.

What To Do?

If you are new to Insect Light Traps consider buying one small portable to place in a crucial area to see what shows up. You will learn. And you will catch more insects than you thought possible.

Gilbert® Professional Insect Light Traps provide industry leading designs. No one can fine tune your fly system better than a sincere dedicated thinking person onsite. Our distributor network has just such people. Maybe you are such a person?

We back you and our distributors with toll-free consultation (800) 643-0400. Check out the info on this site. Together, we will reason our way to the best coverage for your facility and advance the art and science of ILTs. Don't let anyone substitute a lesser trap. Gilbert® has been leading the way since 1967. We need your support to take it to the next level. Our Force is with you in the Fly Wars :)