Gilbert® 225GT "Sticky Fox"
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The Gilbert® Sticky FoxTM out-catches competitors
whether it's wall-mountedor mounted under-counter.

It features large, double glueboard capacity,
and silent-capture at a low, stunless price.

Two new removable glueboard trays are included with each 225GT.

Insect Attractant: Two standard Sylvania F20T12/350BL/ECO (20 watt) lamps contain superior 350BL/ECO phosphor. Lamp replacement info.
Installation: Wall-mount horizontally with keyhole slots or mount under-counter with screws. Generally speaking, low positioning yields best results for any flytrap against flies.
Electrical: Six foot, 3-wire grounded power cord. Standard 115v/60hz. Draws 43 watts (RMS meter).
Maintenance: Stainless steel guard swings up for easy access to lamps and glueboard(s) for periodic cleaning / replacement. Change glueboard(s) regularly, at least as often as codes require. Change lamps annually.
Construction Features: Stainless steel including swing-up guard. Thin 3-5/8" wall-hugging profile.

Dimensions: 27-5/8" x 11-3/8" x 3-5/8".
Weight: 12 lbs, ShipWt.: 13 lbs.
FIVE YEAR WARRANTY: (Excluding lamps only).


The 225GT holds one or two (even three) large (or regular) glueboard(s).  Glueboards are scored to bend 1/2" edge to help retain insects.

One glueboard tray (and glueboard) fit into the bottom of the trap. A 2nd glueboard tray (and glueboard) slips in between the lamps on four pegs.

A third, optional glueboard may be wedged into the clip behind the top lamp. A 1/2" bend of this board will help to guide any errant glue or insects away from the back of the trap, onto the glueboard below).

Made in the USA of US and imported parts.
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